How to decide on a cosplay?

How do you decide on a cosplay to make? There are so many choices. You have a bunch of favorites. What is a good way to decide? What I do is try and find a character that I like, how detailed is the costume and is it a recognizable character? Can someone walk up to you while you are in costume and be ecstatic that you decided to dress as their favorite character? Kids are always fun to see them smile and their face lights up when they see you. However, this is not limited to just kids. All ages generally still enjoy seeing



You have to go to a convention at least once or twice to understand what it is all about. At first, it may seem overwhelming, especially with all the sights and sounds. Some call the convention a sensory overload and at first it is. You have never been to a convention, so what is it? That can’t be explained in just one word. It is an experience all by itself.

Transportation to the convention is always a fun experience. Questions get asked and stares can happen, especially if your costume is exceptionally detailed. Then when you finally arrive, in costume, there are lots of people and merchandise from vendors to buy and look at. Lots of artwork, books, movies, figurines, stuffed animals, props and even foods.

All the bright colors, sounds and people might be overwhelming for some people, but ultimately it is fun. There are contests, panels and even photographers who want to take pictures of you in your costume. I have met some awesome photographers. You wait anxiously for them to edit and contact you with your picture. You finally receive your picture of your cosplay, and you remember that moment. All your hard work paid off on receiving pictures of your cosplay.



Creating artwork


Building, creating, making food interesting. It has to be appealing to the eye. Everything from cars, clothing, houses, food, even brands and logos have to catch our attention. I’ve spent my whole life creating and making things all the time. We tend to do that as humans. Coloring pages and giving it to our parents, grandparents or any of our loved ones.

I started from drawing, and in college I was able to take advantage of taking classes such as pottery and sculpture design. Even creating digital designs on the computer and then printing them out. While, I still enjoy sharpening myself on techniques for drawing, I have applied those ideas to turn them into something that is three dimensional.

In recent years, I have enjoyed making hanging sculptures and even a hawk with an eight foot wingspan. Pottery was hard work, but the end results always turned out amazing. Now on to Cosplay, which has become very popular. It just is amazing that anyone can create an outfit whether by hand or buying items from a second hand store and recreating a character’s outfit. That character could be from movies, from TV or a video game or out of a book even. It is a form of artwork for some.

Creating that cosplay to wear and then other people acknowledging your hard work on that and appreciating the time and effort put into all the details. While it is loads of fun to wear the outfits, it is also can be profitable. If one sells the costumes or even the props. Props are a fun side to the costumes as well. Props can be made from any material and sold as well. Especially if you are proficient in crafting items out of wood, foam or plastic. We can’t forget the metal workers as well as the ones who turn that material into amazing things. Sculptures, swords, to armor and even chain mail.

It all goes back to creating things. Taking a material whether it be clay, plastic, leather, metal, wood or even foam. We create things all the time as humans.